Monday, January 12, 2015

Visual Studio 2012 at the University of Manchester

Getting started on Visual Studio 2012
A previous post of mine dealt with setting up an empty project on Visual Studio 2012, which you can find if you click here. If you follow the instructions there you will find that the terminal disappears even when you run the program with "Start Without Debugging". This is because some of the default properties are not set up correctly on opening an empty project. We can rectify this by modifying the project properties. Go to the project dropdown menu in the title bar and select "ProjectName Properties" for the appropriate ProjectName
Now you should see the project properties dialog box. Select Configuration Properties -> Linker -> System in the left hand side bar, you should see something like this
Now press on the drop down menu in Subsystem as shown above, you should see a range of options. Select Console (/SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE) and you get
Now when you run "Start Without Debugging" or CNTL + F5 you should see a terminal appear with your output inside (along with some other stuff!!).
Unfortunately this will need to be done every time you open a new project unless you create a property sheet.


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